Membership Rates

Below are our membership rates for the 2021 season.  Our rates include membership of the Moira Miners Welfare Sports & Social Club (MSSC), except for the Junior and Non-Playing categories.

Family - includes 2 adults plus any children under 21 (at the start of the season)
or in full-time education living at the same address.
Casual. For occasional players: allows up to 10 playing visits per season,
after which upgrade to another category would be expected.
Casual Family. For occasional players: allows up to 10 playing visits per season,
after which upgrade to another category would be expected.
Country. For individuals living more than 20 miles (by their usual driving route) from the club
Country Family. For couples/families living more than 20 miles from the club
Distant ("Far Country"). For individuals living more than 50 miles from the club,
on the basis that Ashby is not their main club
Junior. Under 21 at the start of the season, or in full-time education.
MSSC membership not included.
Non-playing. £5 per person.
Allows one playing visit per season, after which upgrade to another category would be expected.
MSSC membership not included. (Please add £5 for the household if you wish to be MSSC members)

For players new to croquet, we have a special introductory club membership rate for new players who join during the season, which is just £20 for the rest of the year including ongoing coaching in golf croquet and/or association croquet as required.  And for the following year we then offer half-price club membership to new players in their second season (i.e. first full season) with the club.

Visitors: First visit free, then £5 per visit (deductible from the membership fee if you subsequently join the Club).  Visitors are expected to join the club after their 4th visit.