Introductory Sessions

We hold occasional Open Evenings, usually early June, when our lawns are open to the public for visitors to try the game.  Club players are on hand to guide visitors through the basics, including some friendly games.

If you missed our Open Evening, then just come along to one (or a few) of our normal club sessions from April to October for an introduction to croquet.  We will  make you welcome, and club players will be pleased to introduce you to the game of Golf Croquet.  Our main club session times are: Tuesdays 5 to 8pm (earlier in April and Sept/Oct); Wednesdays 10am to 1pm; Thursdays 3 to 6pm; Sundays 2 to 5pm.

If you enjoy the introductory sessions and you would like to take croquet a stage further, we have a special half-price club membership rate for new players, which is just £47.50 for the rest of the year including ongoing coaching in golf croquet and/or association croquet as required.

We also organise taster sessions for outside groups (WI, Round Table, etc.)