Heather wins the Perry Bowl Ladies GC

Sat 17th July, Moira Manager and reporter: Lesley L

Four ladies – Heather, Julie, Penny and Lesley L – contested the Perry Bowl in very hot conditions (the car thermometer said 30°C when we left).  Unfortunately several of our usual contenders were unable to play this year.

It was Penny’s first Perry Bowl and the first time she had had to use bisques on her own which she did very well.  It was Lesley’s first time to defend against them; a learning curve.

Everyone had trouble controlling the balls on the super fast lawns.  Lesley and Julie thought to re-name their game, ‘mind the gap’.  Heather’s clearances were spot on, especially against Lesley.

Heather was a clear winner with three wins and Julie took second place with two.

Congratulations Heather. See you all again next year.      

Game results
Round 1:  Julie 5-7 Heather; Penny 6-7 Lesley
Round 2:  Julie 7-6 Lesley; Heather 7-2 Penny
Round 3:  Julie 7-4 Penny; Lesley 2-7 Heather

Heather – winner of the 2021 Perry Bowl